Site Speed & Code Bloat

As a web developer, it’s my job to find a balance between the overall speed of the site and it’s features. Yes in a perfect world you don’t have to make any sacrifices and you

Leveraging Local – Google

I use Google Maps ALL the time! Whenever I’m driving I try to make a point of turning it on. Why? Well there’s a few reasons, like traffic and speed traps (love this feature BTW)!

Your Money Your Life

Listening to peoples stories about how their livelihood has been destroyed by an algorithmic update from Google is pretty sad. Yes, some of them are probably snake-oil salesmen however, many more have legit companies and

Paid and Organic Keywords

I feel like I’m always preaching that you should build a business that doesn’t rely solely on Google. Who wants to be at the mercy of an algorithm? Yeah, I know that can be easier

Search Engine Fluctuation

As I’m writing this there are all sorts of posts, topics, rants etc around the search engine community about “My rank died”, “Sudden traffic drop”, “The medic update killed my site”, etc, etc, ad nauseam.