Search Engine Fluctuation

As I’m writing this there are all sorts of posts, topics, rants etc around the search engine community about “My rank died”, “Sudden traffic drop”, “The medic update killed my site”, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

Search engines are sites too

Hopefully your site is like a search engine… Constantly improving, updating, changing, etc. That means that of course rankings are going to change. Of course competitors will outrank you on a keyword at some point. So what are you supposed to do about it!?!?… Nothing. You’re probably thinking “that’s easy to say, when all our traffic just went left instead of through our front door.” Understandable, that can definitely be a panic inducing time. But don’t fret, by keeping your goals in-mind and by continually making small improvements daily, you’ll find that your business stays stable while others are being tossed around by their current rank.

Remember the goal!

If you stay focused on improving your customer experience then you’ll soon find that search engine ranking will follow your customers “ranking”. If you’re #1 to your customers, the ones you already have AND you continue to make small improvements to your site, your processes, your business your rankings will follow, naturally.

How do I get any traffic then?

I talk to a lot of people about websites, everyone wants one, it’d be so simple to sell widgets while I sleep and get rich, I just need someone to build it for me… lol! Ever wonder why I don’t sell widgets? Probably because I can get them on Amazon already and with FREE SHIPPING!

Seriously. Before even considering starting an e-commerce business whether you’re selling something or a service, ask yourself this: What can I offer that is different and better than what’s already out there? If your product or service is truly unique and novel, you’ll have no problem finding a customer, the key is turning that customer into a fan. Once your customers are fans, they’ll gladly tell the world. Small steps, one customer at time.

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