One Simple Way to Win Customers

Well it may seem simple, however if you’ve been shopping online or anywhere else, you’d think that it’s actually impossible. But whether you want to win customers online, or in-person there is only one thing

Site Speed & Code Bloat

As a web developer, it’s my job to find a balance between the overall speed of the site and it’s features. Yes in a perfect world you don’t have to make any sacrifices and you

Leveraging Local – Google

I use Google Maps ALL the time! Whenever I’m driving I try to make a point of turning it on. Why? Well there’s a few reasons, like traffic and speed traps (love this feature BTW)!

Why would I pay for clicks?

Right?!?! People click like a bazillion times a day! In what crazy world would I pay for someone to click my link?!? Competition Well if you’re selling just about any “thing” then there’s a pretty