Here’s a  bit about me and why I started this site. I’ve been building sites, optimizing e-commerce, learning all the tricks of the trade for 15 years now. My technical career actually started in computer networking and after working in the server/hardware administration side of things I decided getting up at 3 a.m. to restart a server just wasn’t that fun anymore, and I wanted more.

Web Development

I was first introduced to HTML in college while I was getting my networking degree and had teamed up with some classmates and started my very first site, which was WAY ahead of it’s time… I’m sure I’ll write more about it later.

So I put in my notice as a server admin and was quickly picked up by a web development company out of San Diego. I owe this first job my entire career. When I started, I thought I new a lot, but quickly learned I was just beginning to walk and in the next 5 years working for their they taught me the fundamentals of good web development from best practices in hand-coding HTML to how to use Photoshop in a production environment. It was a great team of dedicated professionals who taught me the importance of details.

From there I’ve gone from working in other development houses with hundreds of clients to working for individual e-commerce companies, business-to- consumer and business-to-business and have learned to appreciate the challenges and nuances of working within all of them.

Programming Languages

Over time I’ve learned to be fluent in most web languages. While I spend the majority of my time writing in PHP, HTML and CSS, I’ve worked on sites in from everything from classic .ASP to javascript.


I sometimes wonder if there’s a platform or framework that I haven’t spent at least some time in. When it comes to e-commerce, I worked on everything from ZenCart, Magento, PDG, Volusion, xCart, OsCommerce, WooCommerce, and certainly others that I’ve forgot to mention. If we’re talking about CMS’s then I’ve worked with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, SugarCRM, vBulletin and many more. I’ve also written and maintained custom CMS’s and eCommerce platforms.

Personal world

Not everything I do is web related. I’m a dedicated father, outdoorsman, overlander and fitness fanatic. I love nature and spending as much time as possible enjoying it and conserving it. I also enjoy writing, technology, and tropical vacations :).

Whats the site for?

I decided it’s kind of strange to be a web developer but not have your own website. No, I’m not currently looking for employment but if you need someone for project work, I’d love to hear more… But this site is really just to share some of my ideas, experiences and hopefully help others in building an internet and a world that sucks a little less.