Your Money Your Life

Listening to peoples stories about how their livelihood has been destroyed by an algorithmic update from Google is pretty sad. Yes, some of them are probably snake-oil salesmen however, many more have legit companies and legit products on the market but they got hit too, it all seems so unfair!

What went wrong?

Hmmmm, it’s like after the stock market crashing, calling it a “market correction”… It sounds a little insensitive, but in reality that’s what happened. For a long time people have been getting away with deceptive design and making their products or services seem A LOT more legit than they really were.

It’s easy for designers to use, the right colors and symbols to make a site appear perfectly legit, but looking and being are quite different. We’re in the era of “Fake News” and unless you can cite your sources, or provide a scientific study you had better not tell me this CBD cream will help my arthritis, or that your Dr’s are world class without showing their credentials.

What now?

Well now it’s all about E.A.T. Expertise, Authority, Trust. If you say Dr’s recommend it, add the Dr’s name, link to his practice, etc. You need to prove that what you’re saying is accurate and true and have the information to show it. If you have customer reviews or comments or testimonials, show them but make sure they’re legit or use a service. Use an SSL certificate, anything you can do to show you’re a trustworthy business. You’ll often see logos of clients, testimonials, white papers these are all things that can help prove you’re not just another scam site or snake oil salesman.

Another reason why you can’t and shouldn’t put the life of your company strictly in the hands of google. Great businesses aren’t built on depending on someone to throw you a bone. Great business provide a product or service that google needs to survive more than it needs google. Be unique, create something useful and the world will find it even through word of mouth.

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