Leveraging Local – Google

I use Google Maps ALL the time! Whenever I’m driving I try to make a point of turning it on. Why? Well there’s a few reasons, like traffic and speed traps (love this feature BTW)! But when I’m road-tripping, which I do quite a lot, I use it a little differently and this is how YOU (a local shop) comes in…

So when I’m on an overlanding adventure, which I do almost every weekend in the summer, I’ll open up Google maps and route my trips, and plan my “itinerary”. If your business isn’t in Google maps, you probably won’t see me. It’s that simple. It’s free to “register” your business on Google…

Ok, so the first step is to claim your business on Google, here’s their support page which tells you how to do that, it’s simple: https://support.google.com/business/answer/2911778?hl=en

That’s basically it. Once your business is there and claimed, you can write a description, upload some photos showing your shop or products (you should update them frequently).

Not only can your potential customers find you on a map, now once they’ve visited they can (and often will) leave you a review; so try your best to win those 5-stars with your gleaming smile and award winning customer service skills! Oh, and make sure you reply to your reviews, good or bad, my best advice here is “keep it real” and if it’s a bad review, try to explain the situation and eat a little crow if you have to, especially if you or your business genuinely screwed up. When reviews are good, thank them for their kind reviews and offer follow-up advice or service.

Have questions about getting your site on the map? Reach out in the comments or shoot me an email; I’d love to hear from you.

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