Site Content: Writing for intent

What does it mean to write for intent?

The definition helps a little bit, but when you’re writing your website content you have to consider the intent of the user. What’s the purpose of their visit? Are they looking for information about a product? Looking to buy a product? Looking for a price? Size?

When writing the content of your website, you have to ask yourself… Why? Why am I writing this piece of copy and at what part of the sales cycle will this help my customer? What is my sales cycle? Then you write your content to fit that intent.

For instance, if your customer is in the research stage of the sales cycle, they may be looking for product specifics, size, etc. If your user is ready to pull-the-trigger and make a purchase, they may be looking for a buy now button, pricing and ship costs.

Obviously your sales cycle may be different based on your products or service, but matching your site content to where your customer is in the process, for each step will not only make sure your customers have everything they need to feel confident about buying from you; you also pick-up new customers because you were able to funnel them into your sales cycle at the correct point in their own research/purchasing process.

Do you have questions about writing content for intent? Need help figuring out what your sales process is or should be? Let me know in the comments below and we can flush it out.



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