Paid and Organic Keywords

I feel like I’m always preaching that you should build a business that doesn’t rely solely on Google. Who wants to be at the mercy of an algorithm? Yeah, I know that can be easier

Starting at the basics

I was humbled today and it brought a reminder that is valuable and applies to more than just web development. The story goes like this… A user posts on a common web master forum and

Search Engine Fluctuation

As I’m writing this there are all sorts of posts, topics, rants etc around the search engine community about “My rank died”, “Sudden traffic drop”, “The medic update killed my site”, etc, etc, ad nauseam.

What’s a Bounce?

Well at surface level, a bounce is when a user comes to your site and with no interaction, leaves. Whether they hit the back button or close the window or turn-off their computer or maybe

Why I Don’t SEO

SEO means search engine optimization, but your customers are humans so why not human optimize your site and let the bots figure out what humans like? I’ve been doing web development for a long time.