Split-Testing, Multivariate and A/B Services

Here’s a few I’ve tried, I’ll expand this list as I try more. Which have you tried? Suggestions? Leave em in the comments please, I’d love to see what else it out there.

https://www.google.com/analytics – It’s ok, it used to be WAY better. You can only do split-tests and they’re redirect tests so they have to be complete pages. But it is Free.

https://www.optimizely.com – Probably the best, does A/B, Multivariate, Redirect and On-Page. When I used them they were relatively new, but the’re platform was hands down the best I’ve used. They have a drag and drop interface so you can literally change up your design while you’re looking at it. Simply click an element and change it’s color, or add a an image, then save it as a new variation.

https://www.vwo.com – Another great choice, I haven’t used them in awhile but they also have a good interface with all the different test type options.

Site testing is only getting better with time and so is user-testing, which I’ll be talking about services available for those next.

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