You found me!

Looking for a web developer in Spokane??

You found me! Funny how that works eh? You’re probably wondering how your site or business could also be found? No, no, I’m not a psychic… I don’t think I am anyways. But I do now how to get companies found, and I’ve been helping getting them found for years.

Before you get too excited… I’ve got to tell you it takes work. Search isn’t just about keywords or button colors anymore, search has developed into a much more complex ecosystem and much of it has to do with users, user intent, user emotions and guiding user expectations not only on your website but through your entire organization.

One thing we all want to do as web professionals whether you’re Google, Amazon or an owner of a local hardware store is this:

“Exceed user expectations”

Does your website do that? Does your service do that? Do you even know what your users expectations are?  If your answer is not a solid YES!! Then reach out and I’ll be glad to take a look and see if I can be service to you.