Artist Vs Content Producer

I was recently reading a post from one of my friends on Instagram. She’s a successful photographer and I’d definitely consider her an artist. She brought up an interesting point. She didn’t like being called a content producer because she felt that “cheapened” what she does, she’s an artist. She doesn’t simply “produce content”.

I totally agree. I absolutely wouldn’t call her a content producer… Sure, sometimes she is, but her main job is as artist. Here’s what I mean. To me an Artist creates a piece of Art, whether it’s through a lens, a paintbrush, pencil, whatever and by itself it’s art. Whereas to me a content creator or producer, may at times create art as an artist, but as a content creator you’re arranging art in a meaningful composition. You’re the composer of the Art. At least that’s how I see it. What do you think?

Lately, I’ve been producing a lot of content, it’s definitely not art, but I think it’s useful and helpful. I’m absolutely not an artist, although I can often times put together elegant solutions or write elegant code. I don’t really associate myself as a content creator or an Artist. I’m just a web developer in Spokane WA trying to enjoy all the Art and content I can, and I’m thankful to everyone who’s written something or created something that inspired me.

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